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Da Vinci International School Hua Hin Vision

Leonardo Da Vinci was a man who possessed multiple intelligences and excelled in many fields. Our School is named after him as we believe he is the perfect role model for our students, as well as being an inspiration for them in regard to lifelong learning. He excelled in science, technology and art; however, this does not mean he did not experience failure, but his failure was met with a positive attitude and drive to keep practicing until he achieved success.

Da Vinci was tenacious in his pursuit of excellence; he refused to give up until he achieved the success he craved. Through our teaching methods and delivery, we encourage students to find their gifts and talents. Our curriculum design and delivery facilitates the ability of students to find their potential and continue to develop their skills; to always strive for excellence. Our school community supports students to reach for their dreams and achieve a high level of excellence with a positive attitude.

The vision of DVIS is to prepare students to face, head-on, a world of new challenges, to enable them to acquire independant knowledge, and to inspire them to embrace life-long learning.

Da Vinci International School supports and encourages students to develop and grow in both intellectual and moral character. Encouragement, guidance and support is provided to promote personal and academic integrity, discipline, conscientiousness, and responsibility.

Values, such as honesty, courtesy, loyalty, trustworthiness, and empathy towards others, are the foundation of our community. The ultimate goal is to prepare students to become respectful global citizens by embracing these values.

Teacher Focus

Our teachers focus on discovering each student’s strengths and methods of learning; then providing tailored classroom experiences that will inspire, excite and energize students to be actively engaged in their education. This focus is reinforced by using advanced teaching methods such as Howard Gardener’s Multiple intelligences and 21st Century learning skills.

Based on our students’ learning styles, teachers customize instruction. Our lesson plans are designed to be student-centred, interactive, creative, communicative and collaborative. All lessons are also developed to incorporate critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our students will benefit from small classes and personal instruction; the teacher then has the ability to create high interest, interactive lessons that stimulate motivation and the desire to learn.

Global Citizenship

An integral part of the DVIS mission is to help its students become true global citizens. Respect for others, celebrating diversity, exhibiting tolerance, and expressing empathy for others; these are incredibly important attributes and are valued by everyone in our school. The over-riding vision for our school is that we encourage, and foster within our students, a desire to become positive global citizens.

At DVIS we want our students to become not just great scholars, but global citizens, who:

  • look beyond their individual and local interests and see the world through a global perspective
  • understand that the world faces many challenges
  • are aware of their social and ethical responsibilities
  • are ready to display leadership and collaboratively
  • work together to change the world in a positive direction
  • can solve problems through innovation and creativity