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At DVIS we take great pride in addressing the development of the whole child. All aspects of the skill set students need to succeed in the twenty-first century (intellectual, creative, physical, social, participatory, cultural and moral) are included in the education DVIS provides. We aim to help produce students who are not only outstanding academically but also endowed with a wider and deeper sense of social awareness and obligation, of community and of responsibility.

All DVIS staff work hard to ensure the school offers a vibrant and dynamic ethos and a friendly, cheerful and inclusive atmosphere. All school members - whatever their provenance - are assured of a warm welcome and a generous allotment of personal attention so vital for a student's confidence, social skills and academic success. Our goal - to provide students with a carefully balanced and effective education of the highest standard - is directly related to DVIS' mission to prepare tomorrow's global citizens and leaders with the knowledge, skills and qualifications they need to face, meet and succeed with the challenges of the future.

DVIS' students thus receive the very best education using a blend of local and international curricula and syllabuses to enable them to excel in their studies, their interests and their hobbies and to prepare effectively for the wide range of studying and career options available when they graduate. This offers students a passport to undergraduate studies in Thailand or overseas and thence to premier executive jobs and careers at organisations actively seeking candidates with proficiency in the skill set DVIS provides.

After navigating our website, please feel free to contact us with any queries you have and - whenever you have time - to call in for a visit so you can see our facilities and meet our staff at first hand. DVIS also holds Open House events from time to time at which guests tour our well-equipped campus and inspect its state-of-the-art facilities at first hand. Please feel free to subscribe to our mailing list for regular updates about these and similar occasions. We'd be happy to see you at any of these: we welcome enquiries and visits in person, and our student roll is growing!